Research Scholars (PhD)   

Sr No. Department Research Guide Registered/Completed Students
Name of the registered research scholar Month and Year of registration of the scholar Research Details (Title, Date of registration and Registration No) Status
Arts and Humanities
1 English Department Prof. Lakshmi Muthukumar Shilpa Uparkar 13-02-2017 Orientalising the Orient: A Study of Popular Romance Novels of Post-Colonial India In Progress
Priyal Panchal 25-10-2016 A Comparative Study of City Poetry: Selected Bombay Poems and Poems about New York City Completed - Dec-2021
Narasimha Mehetre 18-10-2016 Migration and Nostalgia in Some Transmigrant American Women Writers of Indian Origin: A Feminist Exploration of The Identity Struggle in Select Novels In Progress
Ananda Daga Pimpale 20-02-2017 Interrogating Location and Intent: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Novels of R.K.Narayan and Anna Bhau Sathe In Progress
Vidya Hariharan 19-08-2019 Location and Imagination: A Spatial Reading of Eudora Welty's Novels In Progress
Saradha Balasubramanian 14-10-2021 The Geographical Imagination in Sri Lankan Fiction In Progress
2 Philosophy Department Dr. Uma Shankar Milind Parkar 20-08-2018 A study of Mind and Body as tools of understanding life: A comprehensive study of Maurice Merleau Ponty’s views along with Yoga Philosophy on the same. Discontinued
Sandeep Solanki 20-08-2018 A critical study on relation between Prana and Consciousness: An Experiential study from the Upanishads and Modern theories on Energy In Progress
Saraswati Brahmaprajna 20-08-2018 Īśvara darśanam and ātma darśanam – The psychological and epistemological need for Isvara in Advaita Vedanta In Progress
Christopher 15-07-2021 philosophical Aspects of Indian Martial Arts (Vajramushti) In Progress
Paras Mehta 22-07-2021 A Critical and reformative analysis of the concept of Jiva Atma in Gaudiya Vaisnavism In Progress
Shikha Sharma 08-09-2021 Gender Issues in Hindu and Jain Sociocentric spritulity- An analysis of the lives of ister Nivedita and Acharaya Chandana In Progress
Ms Nikita Lakhani 01-01-2022 Myticism of Ismaili"s A reappraisal In Progress
Mr Nilesh Meghanani 01-01-2022 An interfaith analysis of Meditational techniques in major religions of the world In Progress
3 Politics Department Dr. Rashmi Bhure Ajinkya Gaikwad 05-06-2016 Multiculturalism in Retreat- A Case Study of Britain Completed - Jan-2023
Smriti Singh 18-06-2016 India’s Diaspora Policy: From Disengagement to Engagement In Progress
Vidyadhar Malegaonkar 19-07-2017 Transport as a Strategic Tool- Development of railway network in North East India and its impact on India’s Act East Politics In Progress
Medha Dhapre 30-07-2021 Civil Society Initiatives for Water Conservation and Management in Maharashtra: A Case Study of Ahmednagar District In Progress
1 Biotechnology Department Dr. Tara Menon Ms Anju James 28-07-2022 Study of dye degrading microorganisms and its applications In Progress
Vibha Ail 17-06-2022 Isolation of rude oil degrading microorganisms and application of bioremediation of oilspills In Progress
2 Botany Department Dr. Mahavir Gosavi Mrs. Ashwini Deshpande 01-03-2019 Study of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM)fungi from industrial areas of MIDC, Dombivli and its application in soil remediation. In Progress
Ms. Prajakta Maygoankar 01-01-2021 Allelopathic impact of some local plants on the active constituents, morphology and anatomy of selected medicinal plants. In Progress
3 Microbiology Department Dr. Anita Desouza Rajita Satish 10-06-2015 Isolation, Purification and Characterization of a novel mycobacteriophage Completed
Carol Braggs 27-01-2017 Study of bacterial persister cells and its control using colloidal silver In Progress
4 Microbiology Department Dr. Manju Phadke Vivek Parab 25-08-2015 Isolation of Naphthalene and Phenanthrene degrading microorganisms and their applications in bioremediation of contaminated sites Completed
Lynn D'Lima 31-08-2015 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Actinomycetes and their applications Completed
Pramod Kamble 17-07-2015 The effect of ayurvedic plant extracts on biofilm forming pathogenic microorganisms In Progress
Waheedunnisa Chaudri 21-06-2022 Use of Microflora from ensilage marigold temple waste to efficeiently extract phytobiotic pigments (Xanthophyll and Carotene) and study their effect on pigmentation of catfish In Progress
5 Zoology Department Mrs. Smita Durve Ms. Sneha More Completed - Nov-2019
6 Zoology Department Dr. Satish Sarfare Ms. Krishita Sanil 25-10-2022 Study of therapeutic effect of flax seed supplementatiion on Triton -x induced hyperlipidemia associated with testesterone induced Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia using albino rat model. In Progress