Academic Year 2021-2022  

  • Title :- Mass Displacements and Ecological Crises in Gun Island A spatial Reading
    Paper:- presented and published
    Level :- national

    By: mrs. vidya hariharan
    Organizer :- Khare-Dhere Bhosle College, Ratnagiri
    Venue :- Online
    Date: 15/02/2022

    Postmodern anxieties are exacerbated by ecological crises all over the world. What had once been stable boundaries like national borders or environmental indicators have been destabilized by climate change. Mass displacements, human and non-human, are a direct result of these catastrophic changes. Cartographic practices, with their claim to be transparent and objective further alienate man from his natural surroundings. Literature has always attempted to give a form to the human world. Novels, poems and stories are narratives to map our spatial, social and natural spaces. Westphal’s geo-critical approach taken in conjunction with an eco-aesthetic approach to Amitav Ghosh’s novels of climate change, rapid exodus, threatened livelihoods, mysterious possessions, mammalian and reptilian distress, set in the Sunderbans in West Bengal, will be the focus of this paper. Ghosh captures the natural beauty of the Sunderbans and more importantly its complicated relations to human agency in his novels of climate change: Gun Island and The Hungry Tide.