Institutional Social Responsibility Convener - K. George Abraham       

Through the Solstice, our Institution Social Responsibility Cell we aim to:

  1. Students visited and surveyed drought affected villages in interior Maharashtra in April 2013 to understand the problems faced by villagers and based on this report borewells were dugged to tackle the problem.
  2. Make our students initiators of change at the village adopted by us at Karjat called Kawthewadi, by involving them in teaching the school children there along with the staff of the college,
  3. Sensitize them and make them acutely aware of the need to make themselves proactive citizens even as they progress towards their graduation
  4. Complement the education our students receive in theory with the practical experience of empowering the villagers with self employment opportunities, educating them about hygiene and sanitation and the need for discipline

Our NSS, NCC and LLE students along with the students, teaching and non teaching staff of various other departments of the college are actively involving themselves in all the activities

Action Plan
  1. Digging of Borewells in various drought affected villages
  2. Distribution of sarees to economically challenged women in villages
  3. Adoption of a tribal village Kawathewadi, Kashale, Karjat