Month November, Academic Year : 2022-2023   
  • Date:- 17/11/2022
    Organized By:- bachelor of mass media(bmm) department

    Value Added Skill-Based Course for Semester One F.Y.B.A.M.M.C 2022-23 titled Managerial Skills Development – I Workshop based coaching was offered for one credit in November, 2022. Ms. Sanam Premkumar, the facilitator of the sessions provided fundamental knowledge and exposure to the theories, and practices in the field of management for mass media students as these courses help for recruitment, retention and relationship building on and off job aptly.

  • Date:- 29/11/2022
    Organized By:- english department

    On 29th November 2022, Dr Chayanika Shah conducted a session on “Understanding Feminist Activism" in which she talked about some landmark rape cases and how they triggered the formation of the Forum Against Oppression of Women.