Month March, Academic Year : 2015-2016   
  • Date:- 31/03/2015
    Organized By:- history department

    Principal Dr.Harsha Mehta. inaugurated the first Hand Written Manuscript of the Department of History named "HISTORICA".

  • Date:- 31/03/2015
    Organized By:- history department

    The first students research activity- A manuscript of the department of History, HISTORICA was inaugrated by the then Principal, Dr. Harsha Mehta. The theme adopted for HISTORICA is, the articles and collages on Monuments of India; covering 4 Caves, 3 temples and 2 Stupa`s

  • Date:- 01/03/2016
    Organized By:- samvedana-isr

    SIES College Past Students’ Initiative- Installation of solar panels in our adopted village, Kawthewadi project implemented by Larsen & Toubro under CSR

  • Date:- 03/03/2016
    Organized By:- english department

    The movie “Dance Like a Man” was screened for TYBA students followed by a discussion

  • Date:- 03/03/2016
    Organized By:- hindi department

    Shri Bhuvendra Tyagi delivered a lecture on the topic 'Samkaleen Samaj ke vividh sandarbh aur Ambedakar

  • Date:- 05/03/2016
    Organized By:- computer science department


  • Date:- 14/03/2016
    Organized By:- physics department

    One day Demonstration-cum training program on “Designing of Electronic Circuits and Etching on Printed Circuit Board(PCB)” organised for the students of M.Sc. (Physics) both Part I and Part II , helps them in making circuits for their projects in embedded system.

  • Date:- 23/03/2016
    Organized By:- information technology department

    Guest Lecture on "Geographic Information Systems" by Ms. Pournima Bhangale, Co-ordinator,Department of Information Technology,Vaze College,Mulund