Research Scholars (PhD)   

Department Research Guide Registered/Completed Students
Student Name Research Title Registration Number
Politics Department Dr. Rashmi Bhure Mr. Ajinkya Gaikwad Multiculturalism in Retreat - A case study of britain 07/05-12-2016
Ms. Smriti Singh India's Diaspora Policy: from Disengagement to Engagement 08/18-12-2016
Mr. Vidyadhar Malegaonkar Transport as a Strategic Tool - Development of Railway Network in North East India and its Impact on India's "Act East" policy 10/19-07-2017
Microbiology Department Dr. Manju Phadke Ms. Lynn D'Lima Green Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using actinomycetes and their applications 05/25-08-2015
Mr. Vivek Parab Isolation of PAH degrading microorganism and their application in bioremediation of PAH 06/31-08-2015
Microbiology Department Dr. Anita Desouza Ms. Carol Braggs Isolation of bacterial persister cells and their control using collidal silver 09/17-01-2017
Mr. Pramod Kamble The effect of ayurvedic plants extracts on biofilm forming pathogenic microorganisms 04/17-08-2015
Smt. Rajitha Satish Isolation of Mycophages And their applications 01/10-06-2015