Academic Year 2018-2019  

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    ISSN/ISBN/Patent No./Others :- 2394-7780
    Publisher :- International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research
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    By: mr. k. saravanan nadar
    Date: 08/09/2018

    The purpose of this paper is to find and study the impact of social media on youngsters. It is a re-interpretation of ethnography adapted to study the youngster’s mentality. The interpretation of various secondary graphical and tabular data revealed how social media had evolved the mind and impacted the life of youngsters and their surroundings. The social media got emerged from last two decades which plays a vital role in day to day activity and communication. Today it has linked everyone with the help of internet connectivity or platform. The recent deadly challenge games like Kiki, Momo & BWC via social media had killed many youngsters and children. This paper also discusses the constructive and destructive impact of social media and try to give some suggestion to reduce the usage of social media for todays youngsters.

  • Title :- Journal of Luminescence
    Type :- journal
    Level :- international

    ISSN/ISBN/Patent No./Others :- 0022-2313
    Publisher :- Elsevier
    Co-Authors(s) :- Arpita Vyas, RA Talewar, CP Joshi, SV Moharil
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    By: dr. aarti muley
    Date: 01/02/2018

    NIR emitting phosphors based on sensitization by molybdate anion