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POPSICLE GIFTING EVENT 23/06/17 The value for the month of June was Consistency. Popsicle frames containing a quote on consistency were made and given to professors from every department on 22nd and 23rd of June, 2017. The popsicle frames were made by Ashish (4), Ashwini (4), Angela (4), Oishi (4), Swathi (3), Kirti (3). Posters for the Value lab board were made by Kaivalya (main value poster+ 1), Ashish (1), Akanksha (1), Hariharan and his team (17), Ashwini (3), Meghna (1), Sidharth (1) and Lokeshwari (2). P.S.: the number in brackets represent the number of popsicle frames or posters. No photo gallery linked No report file linked